Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Healthy Lifestyles Expo

Chook Owner recently posted on Ferny Blog's Facebook page to let us know about the Healthy Lifestyles Expo on June 16 at the The Hills PCYC. They write:
There'll be lots to see and try at The Hills PCYC (135a Olearia St, West Everton Hills) on Saturday 16th June from 10am-2pm.
Health and fitness talks, demonstrations, and health screening for young and old are being organised to make this an informative and active fun event for families and the whole community. There'll be healthy snacks and cooking demos too.
Come and try out some of what is available locally for health and fitness in the upper Kedron Brook valley and The Hills District.

Keep reading for the rest of Chook Owner's post (includes contact information) There isn't a tonne of other information I could find except for the flyer on The Hills PCYC website.