Friday, April 22, 2011

Arbor Street Closed

As mentioned in a previous blog post, this long weekend sees QR performing major works on the Michelton to Ferny Grove railway tracks.

 What might have been obvious in retrospect but was not advertised was that Arbor street - linking Ferny Grove to Samford Road near the Ferny Grove train station - will also be closed for some or all of the period. It was tonight, at least.

Arbor Street closed at the rail crossing on Friday, 22 April
Also worth noting is that the new temporary platform, ticket office and toilet facilities will be operating at Ferny Grove station when trains resume on Wednesday, 27th April.

April Wilson Update

Geoff Wilson, State Member for Ferny Grove, has posted his April Newsletter. Two things caught my eye in this newsletter:

If you are a regular commuter on Samford Road you might want to also consider Geoff's request for signatures on a petition to get Stage 2 of the Samford Road and Wardell Street intersection (map) upgrades underway. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Opinion: Who is Dale Shuttleworth?

Update: Dale now has a Facebook page. Read my followup.

Dale Shuttleworth is running for the State Government seat of Ferny Grove, currently held by health minister Geoff Wilson. I saw him and Campbell Newman campaigning beside the road at the Great Western Shopping Center in Keperra this weekend. It was raining. I kept on driving.

Who is Dale Shuttleworth? I've been trying to research Dale but information about him is spread thin on the internet. I found a LinkedIn profile and a Facebook page. And this story published in the Westerner from 2009. In terms of recent content, I could only find another Westerner story I linked to in a recent blog post and LNP's own anemic candidate page.

St George Banks likes Arana Hills for Property Investment

A report by St George Bank has identified Arana Hills as having the best value property in Brisbane for home buyers and investors, reported the Courier Mail. The report cites the current market values, proximity to transport and amenities and opportunities for renovations.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Drug Crop Seized in Mt Glorious State Forest

The Brisbane Times reported today that a $1.7 million dollar, 560 marijuana plant crop has been seized in the Mt Glorious State Forest, and that two men were charged.

Drink Driving to Ferny Grove Police Station

If you need to consult the constabulary at Ferny Grove police station, don't drink-drive to get there. The Queensland Times reports that this is exactly what Mark Whelan did on March 16, and was promptly breathalised and charged with drink-driving because he 'smelled of liquor'.