Thursday, May 19, 2011

Followup: Meet Dale Shuttleworth

Dale Shuttleworth - LNP candidate for the State electorate of Ferny Grove,  now has a Facebook page.

I asked the question Who is Dale Shuttleworth? in April. I've since asked Who is Geoff Wilson? My argument in both posts was that the sitting member for the State electorate of Ferny Grove (Geoff Wilson) and his opponents  (in this case Dale Shuttleworth for LNP)  could be doing a better job of letting us get to know them online.

Dale originally left a comment on the April story that he was looking into ways to improve his online visibility, but a recent Blogger issue seems to have removed this comment and my own reply. Hopefully they will be restored soon.

Setting up the Facebook page was a good start for Dale. Notice that his entries so far are informative and give us a window into what he is up to and how he interacts with people. This is exactly the visibility that I would like for all candidates for Ferny Grove in this election. Well done Dale and please keep it up.

(In case you are wondering, I am currently politically undecided, and don't want to take any particular political slant on this blog. So any candidate who wants me to give a shout out to their online efforts is welcome to contact me.)