Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hills Carnivale

Hills Carnivale at Leslie Patrick park was yesterday. I dropped in on the event and took a few pictures. The star of the day was Dora the Explorer, whose presence might have gone unnoticed to some because of the wall of enthusiastic parents which kept the intrepid over-sized explorer permanently mobbed:

The sitting members for the Federal seats of Everton and Dickson and the State seat of Ferny Grove were present with their own stalls. The Moreton Bay Regional Council set up a stall, but forgot to man it:

Entertainment was provided on a main stage. While I was there a magician was doing a decent job of entertaining the kids. Rides included a surf board and bucking bull ride, merry-go-rounds and bouncy castles.

You can see more pictures (not curated in any particular way) here.

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