Monday, May 23, 2011

May Wilson Update

4 Days ago a fresh Wilson Update arrived in my email box. The Wilson Update is a monthly newletter published by Geoff Wilson, State Member for Ferny Grove. This particular newsletter has an unusually high component of news as opposed to photo opportunities (contrary to my recent post).

This newsletter contains a brief update on the new train station design for Ferny Grove, including one of the computer graphics on display at the recent Hills Carnivale. The interesting and in my experience unusual feature of the station is the plaza entry and what the newsletter describes as Central-Station style automated ticket gates.

(North West news issued a fluff piece about the progress of the Rail Upgrade last week.)

The newsletter contained some information about national local awards:
And other upcoming community events (refer to the newsletter for details):
  • National day of thanksgiving at a Samford Church on May 28
  • Dawn Ceremony at Teralba Park Commemorative Plaque Site at on Thursday 26 May
The newsletter also included a notice about paid work available collecting the census during July and early September in addition to spreading the word about the 'dob in a pothole' program (in case you are wondering, phone 13 19 40).

You could normally find the Wilson Update on Geoff's publications page but for whatever reason this month's newsletter isn't being served. Until the Geoff's publishing system is fixed you can find it here. If you want to receive future editions of the newsletter in your email, you can also subscribe on his website.

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