Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Emergency Alert Services

If you happen to be on the Moreton Bay side of the Ferny Hills area you might be interested to know about the new Moreton Alert scheme. Moreton Alert is an emergency text message service to inform residents of flooding and other emergency situations. More information can be found on the FAQ.

To receive the messages, residents need to Register.

Brisbane City Council residents have had access to similiar scheme called Brisbane Early Warning Alert Service since 2009.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

4BC Radio Interviews: Geoff Wilson and Dale Shuttleworth

4BC radio has posted recordings of their interviews of Labour State member for Ferny Grove Geoff Wilson and LNP Ferny Grove candidate Dale Shuttleworth. Both interviews were done at Arana Hills Leagues Club and feature question and answer sessions with the audience. Worth a listen.

Consultation on Samford-Ferny Grove Cycle Path

I've previously posted about the possibly of the planned Ferny Grove-Samford cycle path potentially following the old rail corridor as opposed to Samford Road.  Posted today was ministerial notice of a public consultation to decide the route the cycle path is to take.

Two public information sessions are planned:
  • Saturday 3 December, 1:30-2:30pm, Samford CWA Hall, Main Street
  • Monday 5 December, 7pm-8pm, Old Catholic Church, Samford Road.
Residents can also register their contact details by emailing

Geoff Wilson Opposed Same-Sex Civil Unions

Just in case you missed it, Geoff Wilson, state member for Ferny Grove, voted against allowing same-sex civil unions in the recent vote, crossing the floor to do so. This is worth mentioning since it is a rare event that our two-party system allows a clear understanding of where candidates stand on issues.

ABC has a some reporting I found on their AM radio show page quoting Mr Wilson:
The more I have thought about it, about what I personally believe in according to my faith, unfortunately I can't support the bill.
 Labour allowed a conscience vote*, but LNP voted as a bloc. Possibly this answers the question of how Dale Shuttleworth, LNP candidate for Ferny Grove would have voted.

* In theory a sitting member of parliament can vote however they choose on an issue at any time, but they risk the ire of their party apparatus if they do. A 'conscience vote' is one where the party acknowledges that party unity must occasionally take a back seat to the personal beliefs of the members. I wonder when sitting members vote solely on the needs (or majority views) of their electorate.