Thursday, December 1, 2011

Geoff Wilson Opposed Same-Sex Civil Unions

Just in case you missed it, Geoff Wilson, state member for Ferny Grove, voted against allowing same-sex civil unions in the recent vote, crossing the floor to do so. This is worth mentioning since it is a rare event that our two-party system allows a clear understanding of where candidates stand on issues.

ABC has a some reporting I found on their AM radio show page quoting Mr Wilson:
The more I have thought about it, about what I personally believe in according to my faith, unfortunately I can't support the bill.
 Labour allowed a conscience vote*, but LNP voted as a bloc. Possibly this answers the question of how Dale Shuttleworth, LNP candidate for Ferny Grove would have voted.

* In theory a sitting member of parliament can vote however they choose on an issue at any time, but they risk the ire of their party apparatus if they do. A 'conscience vote' is one where the party acknowledges that party unity must occasionally take a back seat to the personal beliefs of the members. I wonder when sitting members vote solely on the needs (or majority views) of their electorate.

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