Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Samford-Ferny Grove Bikeway to Follow the Old Rail Line?

As mentioned in a previous post, the State Budget this year allocated money for design of a Samford to Ferny Grove bikeway. In his latest Wilson Update and on a blog post, Sitting Member for Ferny Grove Geoff Wilson talks up the advantages of the proposed bikeway (again).

Interestingly, the accompanying photo shows Mr Wilson and Councillor Bob Millar (from the Moreton Bay Regional Council) at the end of the old rail line track, hinting that the new bikeway may follow that route and not simply follow Samford Road. No affirmative statement either way has been made, however.

After the detailed design work Mr Wilson says that the construction of the new bikeway will commence next financial year.

(It is good to see the contents of the Wilson Update appearing in a more online-friendly blog format on The character of the writing as also improved, putting Geoff in the first person and reading a lot less like media releases. I'd previously written that our politicians and political hopefuls should better leverage the internet to engage us, and it looks like they are taking their first steps.)

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