Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Samford-Ferny Grove Bike Path to Go Ahead

A story on Geoff Wilson's website (where Geoff Wilson is the sitting MP for Ferny Grove in the State Government) provides a few more pieces of information on the Samford to Ferny Grove bike path that was mentioned in post-State Budget youtube announcement.

Up to one million dollars has been allocated to the design and detailed planning of the bikeway in the budget (which means money to actually construct the bikeway still needs to be found). The story goes on to quote Wilson extolling the synergy with the Ferny Grove station upgrade, whose improved bike facilities and new shower facilities will provide more options to Samford-valley commuters.

The possibility of a bikeway to Samford will no doubt please potential cyclists, but it is a poor substitute for improving existing rail services or facing up to the long term inevitability of a railway line extension to Samford.