Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Samford-Ferny Grove Bike Path to Go Ahead

A story on Geoff Wilson's website (where Geoff Wilson is the sitting MP for Ferny Grove in the State Government) provides a few more pieces of information on the Samford to Ferny Grove bike path that was mentioned in post-State Budget youtube announcement.

Up to one million dollars has been allocated to the design and detailed planning of the bikeway in the budget (which means money to actually construct the bikeway still needs to be found). The story goes on to quote Wilson extolling the synergy with the Ferny Grove station upgrade, whose improved bike facilities and new shower facilities will provide more options to Samford-valley commuters.

The possibility of a bikeway to Samford will no doubt please potential cyclists, but it is a poor substitute for improving existing rail services or facing up to the long term inevitability of a railway line extension to Samford.


  1. Ben - do you have any information on where the bikeway is planned for? Nothing too specific from what I have read so far. I would like to see them make use of the old train line clearing but I fear the money will be spent on painting bike symbols in the breakdown lane over the range!
    I'm all for improved rail services but not sure I agree with the 'long term inevitability' of a railway line extension. I'm a Samford resident and would have no problem with it in principal but it is totally unviable economically. The cost of resumptions alone would be prohibitive. It is a shame they ever rezoned and sold off most of the old corridor. Maybe it would be viable if Samford was more densely populated - but that's not going to change in our lifetimes probably - and besides, such a move would upset a lot of people. There are pockets of Brisbane in much greater need I'm afraid.
    Congrats on the blog - nice to hear some local perspectives :)

  2. Hi Paul,

    I haven't seen any specifics about the bikeway, but my guess is it will follow the road. Routing it along the old train line would probably involve some awkward questions about rights of way, maintenance, lighting, etcetera.

    As someone more local to the region you might know better, but my impression of Samford density is that it is increasing dramatically. There certainly seem to be a lot of new estates in various stages of development. The parking demands at Ferny Grove railway station imply (to me at least) that more people are coming from farther away to access rail services.

    My worry is that putting off an extension to the rail service to Samford only makes it more expensive and more unlikely in the future. Rather than giving us a 'Central Station style plaza' at Ferny Grove (as per the artist depictions) I think I would rather the money be spent on a third platform (as originally planned), saved for a future project of importance (like extending the train line) or simply redirected to another part of Brisbane.

    Anyway, thanks for your comment. If I spot any more information on the bikeway I will make sure I post it.

  3. The density in Samford is definitely increasing - but mostly it is acreage lots. The current plan limits small lot subdivisions to right near the village. It could be that the parking demands are also coming from Upper Kedron and other growing suburbs nearby - not really sure.

    I agree though - not doing it now makes it even less likely in future - but I think that bird flew long ago. It would simply cost the earth in govt subsidies to run a line over there any time soon. If they did it it would only be justified if they loosened planning requirements and allowed densification.

    I'm not sure about the station redevelopment either - those '1000' carspaces will fill up in no time. I reckon in 10 years time we will see plans for a multi-deck carpark - not something that will be very popular!!