Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Year 12 Outcomes by School Posted

A story by the Brisbane Times today announced the release of Year 12 outcome information by school on the Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) statistics page. The report lists Queensland Schools and the numbers of pupils achieving different benchmarks such as obtaining an OP or vocational certification level:
For each school, the report includes information on the number of students awarded certificates and qualifications, the proportion of OP-eligible students with OP 1 to 15 and the proportion of QTAC applicants receiving a tertiary offer.
An associated FAQ mostly attempts to dissuade anyone from using the statistics to compare schools. Direct comparison of schools is also made more difficult by the formatting and file format of the document.

I pulled out some figures from local schools* and made some graphs. Broadly all the schools compared were comparable:

Also on the QSA website is a report showing NAPLAN 2010 outcomes.

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