Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Steam Train to Ferny Grove

Sunday was the last visit by the QR Steam Train to Ferny Grove. Now that work is beginning on the Railway Station upgrade, future visits will not be possible. The upgrade will remove the additional track required for engine to change direction at the end of the line.

Last Steam Train to Ferny Grove - Arriving

I was on the train from Michelton to Roma Street. I hadn't been on this particular train before, and I am not a train fanatic by any means, but it was a good experience. Some friends reported the tickets were sold out, so I am glad I got in early.

Many kids were on the train and they appeared to have a blast. The event also commanded the presence of dozens of amateur and professional photographers and videographers. No doubt if you didn't get to see the train's visit it is now well documented online. (the photo in this blog post is by stephenk1977  and the video by allsteamedup1.)

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