Saturday, June 4, 2011

'Ratepayer Action Group' Denied Stall at Carnivale

The Westerner reports that the Ratepayers Action Group was denied a stall at the recent Hills Carnivale festival. The Ratepayer Action Group is an association of citizens that (from their website):
will highlight apparent council and state government inefficiencies and wastage in the Moreton Bay area.
We want to represent every ratepayer in the Moreton region whether you are a homeowner an investment property owner, a retail, industrial or other business premises owner, a unit owner, bed and breakfast property or motel owner or even a renter.
 To be honest I had trouble finding a succinct purpose of the group on their website, and had to pull the above quote from their history page.

The Westerner goes on to quote a Moreton Council representative defending the exclusion of the Ratepayer Action Group, saying that it was not an appropriate place for a political platforms or campaigns.  Of course, current elected representatives were welcome, as long as they did not display political signs.

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