Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some not happy with Moreton Bay Regional Council

I saw an article in the Courier Mail about residents of Moreton Bay Regional Council in the 'Hills District' (including Ferny Hills, Arana Hills, Everton Hills and Bunya)  wanting to leave Moreton Bay and join Brisbane City Council. Chief grievances cited by the Ratepayer's Action Group (RAG) include higher rates and low infrastructure investment in the Hills area.

The Ratepayer's Action Group is hosting a public forum to gauge community support on Sunday October 30th at the Community Centre on Dawson Parade commencing at 2pm.

Having just moved not too far from Ferny Grove (in Brisbane City Council) to Ferny Hills (in Moreton Bay Regional Council) it will be interesting to see how the two councils really compare.

On a side note, the Ratepayer of Moreton Bay website (home of the Ratepayer Action Group) looks to be interesting site for the civic minded in the Moreton Bay Council area, especially in the lead up to the local government elections.

UPDATE: This topic was also covered on ABC Radio's breakfast show, which you can listen to online.

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  1. The Ratepayers Action Group should have stopped this proposal before it started. I moved from a Brisbane City council property to Fenry Hills 2 years ago and was please to find services I wished the Brisbane City Council had.
    People who use money as a carrot to further their agenda are very short sighted. If that group think the Brisbane City Council IS CHEAP are deluding themselves. Everything the Brisbane City Council is involved in is designed to make money. All council are tard with the same brush. Why move ? Why dosen't this group spend their time productively chasing a better deal from the current council ?