Saturday, October 23, 2010

Keperra to Ferny Grove Railway Upgrade Consultation Report

While I was nosing around the internet for my previous opinion post I found this consultation report, prepared in May 2010, for the Keperra to Ferny Grove Railway upgrade. The report was interesting to me because it highlights some of the community concerns that are relevant and important to the discussion about the future of the Ferny Grove Station.

For example, traffic congestion, especially on Convalla Street, is a big issue, as is the rat-racing through the railway station. The fate of the Tavern, possible extension of the train line and improvements to bus feeder services are all mentioned.

It would have been better, in my opinion, to have opened this consultation up to a wider audience using online surveys and meetings. Perhaps it was, and I missed it. In the future I hope to better understand the Governments communication strategy in announcing and conducting these consultations.

As Yoda might say, 108 people in attendance of the event does not a representative sample make. Regardless, the report makes interesting skim reading if you are interested.

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