Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome (and what the hell is this)

Hello and welcome to the Ferny Blog. My name is Ben Davies  - I am an IT consultant and web developer. I am working on this blog in my spare time to aggregate news about the Brisbane suburbs Ferny Grove and Ferny Hills.

Mass media has done a lot to take away our feeling of local community. I believe that online media can play a role in bringing it back. We should all care about what happens in our local communities, because if state, national or international news is ultimately going to affect us it will happen locally to where we live, work or play. This is a simplified view, but nonetheless I think there is some value in simply collecting the news local to you.

I don't intent to write extensively for this blog. Instead I believe at this point I will merely find the relevant material on the internet and send you there. If you operate a website or blog local to Ferny Grove and Ferny Hills, or have some locally significant news you would like me to draw attention to (as much as this blog can, at any rate), please let me know (special email address for this blog coming soon).

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