Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ferny Grove Tavern will close in 3 Weeks!

Ferny Grove Tavern will shut its doors for the last time in three weeks from the new years weekend, according to the barkeeper in the Brew Bar on new years eve as he lamented the dwindling range of beer varieties. Three weeks corresponds to a closing date of 22nd January.

The Ferny Grove Tavern property has been acquired by the State Government to provide more commuter parking as part of the Ferny Grove Railway Upgrade Project. Ironically, plans for the Ferny Grove precinct development (post upgrade) include a possible location for a new tavern.

I will miss the Ferny Grove Tavern as a cheap place to eat and convenient place to meet my friends for a drink. Hopefully the affected staff do not have too much difficulty in finding new employment.


  1. THank for sharing this info, i had not heard the exact time of closure, we will make sure we head down for a last meal :-(