Monday, January 24, 2011

Kerbside Collection for Ferny Grove

For those of us in the Brisbane electorate (people in Ferny Grove: This is you) kerbside collections are going ahead in the next week. Kerbside deposits have been requested to be ready from yesterday (Sunday, 23rd January) for collection this week. The collection is confirmed as going ahead on the low-bandwidth BCC website.

I'm not sure how so many people received the message, but looking around the northwest suburbs clearly many people have. Piles litter the curbs and the cars of people out for a lucky find prowl the suburban streets. I am amazed the council is in the position not delay the collection in the wake of the floods, but this is good news for most of us.

Perhaps it is time to clear your garage and get rid those old appliances and furniture. The maximum allotment is one trailer-full per household and should not include chemicals, batteries, organic matter or anything dangerous.

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